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About us

Stress-Free Corner is a start-up established as part of the ICK start-up incubator. The company has developed an online platform, which aims to help individuals and companies to identify stress points and create mechanisms for managing overall stress.


The mission of Stress-Free Corner is to help individuals to identify and manage stress, as such contributing to their overall and mental well-being.


Stress-Free Corner aims to become the leading company in offering stress management solutions, as such creating training programs based on conducted research.


The platform will be available in Albanian and English and a team of professionals will be working 24/7 so that the customers will be able to receive assistance anytime they need them. The platform will contribute to an increase in the mental and overall well-being of its users, as such increasing sustainability and productivity at work.


The way we will start communication with you, building relationships, interacting and providing our services will be based on the values ​​we believe in, above all. In compliance with our values, we will bring to you what is very important to us.

Professionalism – In our structure, our commitment is seen as professional growth through continuous development and professional supervision, active participation in self-development and self-reflection programs. Communication within the company is oriented in the form that facilitates the interaction and sharing ideas, encouraging creative solving problems that leads to a strong professional presence in every action.

Integrity – Professional ethics in our company reflects the contribution of all staff and is based on core principles, norms of special services, cultural and geographical diversity. One of the most important assets in our company is integrity, enabling us to create interpersonal relationships in an environment that inspires us to maintain high reasoning with you.

Presence – the value of presence is highly important to us, especially in building lasting and healthy relationships with all of you. By being present, we focus more on your requirements and needs, supporting us to have a more holistic view of our services, longer-term and more sustainable.

Vitality – as one of the essential strengths for life, focusing on our goals, knowing what we want to bring to you, enables us to stay safe and represent our personal and professional vitality.

Compassion – We value that compassion is important such us in our lives and in our work in general. It is one of the values ​​that accompanies us in our human experiences. We will take care that this value accompanies us in our relations with you, offering us the opportunity to respond with understanding, patience and kindness.
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