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Stress Free Corner is an online resource to facilitate the provision of psychological and therapeutic support, accessible to all, at any time and with a holistic approach, hence contributing to physical and mental well-being. Stress-Free Corner is focused on body-oriented psychotherapy and counseling psychology..

Stress Free Corner Services

Stress can take its toll, but therapy can help you manage it better. Some types of therapy may even equip you with strategies to cope with future stress, work stress, or even if you just need someone to pour your mind to..!

Individual Stress Test

Are you in need of professional advice? Conduct a test for your stress-level and identify the main stress causes… all free of charge!


Individual sessions are organized for the sole purpose of identifying the most effective mechanisms for managing stress and increasing the clients’ well-being.


Organize a training for a group, be a part of a specific style, usually a co-working group of people. A training that will play a great role in the client’s stress management skills and will also help them reach higher professional performance.

Your Appropriate Stress-Management Platform!

What is most important… is that stress management programs should be accessible to everyone and inclusive of people’s varying needs and preferences.

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension and it can come from various events or thoughts.

We experience stress from different stressors that can originate from external and internal sources.

The Fight or flight response refers to a physiological reaction at the mental and physical level.

Body Psychotherapy helps to assess problems, dysfunctional attitudes, addictive behavior patterns.


We are with you every step of the way!

One platform with all the tutorials, webinars, and e-commerce products you need to start managing your stress.



Watch videos and listen to podcasts from certified instructors to keep track of your daily stress and learn how to decrease and control it.


Platform users that are subscribed for webinars will receive written or audio materials that will help them to continuously improve their stress management techniques and decrease their daily stress.


Obtain the right stress relief products which encourage you to practice diligent self-care and help calm the mind and relax the body.

Start to manage stress

Stress-Free Corner is an online platform focused on body-oriented psychotherapy to
help individuals and companies identify stress points and create
mechanisms for managing overall stress.
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