Article 1 – Terms, Object and Conditions of the Agreement

1.1 In the following, for the agreement persons / individuals / clients defined are the Terms, Object and Conditions (“Agreement”), which regulate the access and use of our online platform through which can be provided counseling and treatment in the field of Physical Therapy and Psychological Counseling. Stress Free Corner the online platform is owned and operated by Saranda Rexha B.I. The platform may be provided or be accessible through the website or the applications operated by us (the “Company”), including, without limitation, the website and its affiliated applications.

Article 2 – Legal Basis

2.1 This agreement internally is legally based and all articles / clauses of this agreement are in full   compliance with Law no. 04 / l-077 on relations of obligations, Law no.04 / L-109 on electronic communications, Law no.04 / L-094 on information society services, Law no.05 / l-020 on gender equality, Law no. .05 / l -021 on protection against discrimination, Law no. 06 / l-082 on protection of personal data, Law no. 04 / l-139 on enforcement proceedings, Regulation of the European Union GDPR 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, dated 27 April 2016, criteria for accreditation in the European Association for Physical Therapy and ethical guidelines, as well as other laws, administrative instructions, international conventions which have a relevant direct relevant application in the Republic of Kosovo.

Article 3 – Services of the Advisor or Advisers

3.1 The Platform may be used to connect you with a Body Counselor / Psychotherapist (I, Saranda Rexha) who will provide you with services through the Platform (“Counseling Services”). We require that any Counselor providing Platform Counseling Services should be an accredited Psychotherapist, licensed, accredited, trained, experienced psychologist or similar professional certification recognized and applicable based on their state and / or jurisdiction. Counselors must have a relevant academic degree in their field, at least 3 years of experience, at least 1,000 hours of practical experience and must be qualified and certified by their respective professional board after successfully completing the necessary education, exams, training and internship requirements as appropriate.

3.2 We hope that the Services provided on this platform such as various questionnaires, individual psychological sessions, videos / podcasts and webinars held by Counselors / Counselors will be useful to you, you understand, agree and acknowledge wholeheartedly that they can not be the right solution for everyone’s needs and that they may not be suitable for every particular situation and / or may not be a complete replacement for a face-to-face examination and / or care in any particular situation. So, under this Agreement success in never guaranteed in providing services and consulting perfectly – with the right perfect solutions.

3.3 If you are thinking of committing suicide or if you are thinking of harming yourself or others, or if you think another person may be in danger or if you have a medical emergency, you should call the emergency number immediately (194 in Kosovo) and notify the relevant authorities. Seek immediate help. The platform is not designed to be used in any of the above cases and the counselor cannot provide the assistance required in any of the above cases.

3.4 The platform is not intended to provide a clinical diagnosis that requires a personal assessment and you should not use it if you need any official documents or approvals for purposes such as court-ordered counseling. Also, no information has been thought about which medications or medical treatment might be right for you.

3.5 Sessions will be offered through “ZOOM” communication technology which is recommended by the European Association to be used for performing psychotherapy online. While the appointment will be booked through the platform, more specifically in the calendar will be given the option to book the date and time. The reservation will be made by the customers with a click, and automatically the same will receive the answer for confirmation of the appointment.

3.6 The platform will be accessible to all, and with the launch of the questionnaire, will be created opportunities for inclusion of all ages. Through the platform, me and other professionals will also offer webinars, podcasts, various workshops designed to alleviate the symptoms of stress and cope with stressful situations.

Article 4 – Privacy and Security

4.1 Protection of any information you provide through the platform is extremely important to us. Information about our security and privacy practices can be found in our privacy policy available at (‘privacy policy’). By agreeing to this agreement and / or using the platform, you also agree to the terms of the privacy policy. The privacy policy is included and considered an integral part of this agreement. The same rules that apply to changes and revisions to this agreement also apply to privacy policy changes and revisions.

Article 5 – The Third Party Content

5.1 The Platform may contain content, products or other services provided or provided by third parties (“Third Party Content”), including, but not limited to, other sites or advertisements relating to third party. We have no responsibility for the creation of any such Third Party Content, including (but not limited to) any related product, practice, term or policy, and will not be liable for any damages or losses incurred from any Third Party Content.

Article 6 – Denial of guarantee and limitation of liability

6.1 Through this, you release and agree to keep us safe from all causes of action and claims of any nature resulting from the Advisor services or platform, including (without limitation) any action, omission, opinion, response, advice, suggestion, information and / or service of any advisor and / or any other content or information accessible through the platform.

6.2 You understand, agree and accept that the platform is provided “as is” without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including but not limited to sale, non-infringement, security, suitability for a purpose or accuracy special. Platform usage is at your own risk. To the fullest extent of the law, we expressly waive all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied.

6.3 You understand, agree and acknowledge that we will not be liable to you or to any third party for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary damage.

Article 7 – Your account, representations, conduct and commitments

7.1 By this Agreement, you confirm that you are legally eligible to accept the Services, or have parent or guardian consent, and you are legally eligible to enter into a Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that all information you provide to or through the Platform and the information you provide within or through the Platform in the future is accurate, true, current and complete. Furthermore, you agree that until the completion / termination / separation of this Agreement you will ensure that you maintain and update this information so that it is accurate, current and complete. When the child is under the age of sixteen (16) years, the cliché approval for the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement as well as for the Privacy Policy is done only if and to the extent that the consent is given or authorized by the custodian or any guardian over the child.

7.2 You acknowledge, confirm and acknowledge that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password, and any other security information associated with your account (respectively “Account Login”). We advise you to change your password often and take extra care in storing your password. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your Account Login or any other breach of security for your account.

7.3 You acknowledge, confirm and acknowledge that we will not be liable for any loss or damage caused as a result of the use of your account by anyone else, with or without your consent and / or knowledge. You acknowledge, confirm and acknowledge that you are fully responsible for all activities performed using your Account Login. You further acknowledge and agree that we will hold you responsible for any damages or losses incurred as a result of the use of Access to your Account by any person regardless of whether it is authorized by you or not, and you agree to our indemnify for any such damage or loss (material or non-material damage)

7.4 You agree and undertake not to use any other person’s account or entry account for any reason. You acknowledge and confirm that your use of the Platform, including Advisory Services, is for your personal use only and that you are not using the Advisory Platform or Services for or on behalf of any other person or organization. You acknowledge and agree not to interfere or disrupt, or attempt to interfere with or disrupt, any of our Platform systems, services, servers, networks, including unrestricted access to the aforementioned.

7.5 You agree and undertake not to use any Platform for posting, sending or delivering any of the following: (a) unsolicited email and / or advertising or promotion of goods and services; (b) malicious software or code; (c) illegal, harassing, privacy, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, racist or potentially harmful content; (d) any content that infringes a third party right, including intellectual property rights; (e) any content that may cause harm to a third party; (f) any content that may constitute, cause or encourage a criminal act or violate any applicable law.

7.6 You agree and undertake not to violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, statute, ordinance, rule, regulation or code of ethics regarding your use of the Platform and your relationship with the Advisor and us. If you receive a file / document from us or from an Advisor, whether through the Platform or not, you agree to check and scan this file for any viruses before opening or using this file.

7.7 You will compensate us, and will keep us safe from all claims, losses, causes of action, claims, liabilities, costs or expenses (including, but not limited to, litigation and attorneys’ fees and expenses reasonable) deriving from or relating to any of the following: (a) your access to or use of the Platform; (b) any action taken with your Account or Account Login either by you or by someone else; (c) your breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement; (d) non-payment for any of the services (including Advisor Services) provided through the Platform; (e) your violation of any third party rights, including, without limitation, any intellectual property rights, publicity, confidentiality, property or privacy rights.

7.8 You confirm and agree to use only credit cards or other means of online payment (respectively “Payment Means”) which you are fully authorized to use, and that all information about the payment you have made, and that you will provide in the future, on or through the Platform, is accurate, current and correct, and will continue to be accurate, current and correct. You agree to pay all fees and charges associated with your account in a timely manner and on a schedule, terms and conditions as published on the Platform. By providing us with your means of payment, you authorize us to bill and charge through those means of payment where you agree to retain your means of payment information in your Account information. Payments for services and products are specified: Individual Session – 20 Euro; Video / Podcast 15 euros, Video / Podcast 20 euros.

7.9 If you have any concerns about an invoice or payment, please contact us immediately by emailing us at We will evaluate your case on a case-by-case basis and take steps to resolve any issues, especially in cases involving the partial or full issuance of refunds where applicable.

Article 8 – Terms of payment

8.1 All payments will be determined for each service, activity or product. The company reserves the right to change them in accordance with the standard prices, with prior notice within a period of 2 weeks. Invoices for services provided will be sent after service confirmation and must be paid within a 2 week period.

Article 9 – Modifications, Terminations, Interruptions and Disruption of the Platform

9.1 You understand, agree and accept that we may modify, suspend, terminate or discontinue the Platform, any part of the Platform or the use of the Platform, either for all customers or for you specifically, at any time with or without notice by you. You acknowledge and are aware that we will not be liable for any of the foregoing actions or for any loss or damage caused by any of the foregoing actions.

9.2. The platform depends on various factors, such as software, hardware and tools operated by our Agreementors. While we make reasonable commercial efforts to ensure the reliability and accessibility of the Platform, you understand and acknowledge that no platform may be 100% reliable and accessible. Thus, we cannot guarantee that access to the Platform will be uninterrupted or that it will be accessible, stable, and timely or error free at all times.

9.3. The company reserves the right to request a change of schedule or cancellation in connection with the confirmed services and activities. The schedule of the online session may be changed with the special request from the Client or the Company. Notification of all cancellations or transfers must be in writing and with prior notice 5 days before the due date.

9.4. Modification and Cancellation of schedules / services can be happened without request in cases beyond control such as natural disasters, etc. The company will not be liable for any costs incurred by the customer for such actions.

9.5. The continuation activities company conducts in accordance with best practices and therefore reserves the right to make changes to their content.

Article 10 – Notices

10.1. We may provide with notices or other communications regarding this Agreement or any aspect of the Platform, by email, to the email address we have registered, by regular mail or by posting it online. The date of receipt shall be deemed to be the date on which such notice was given. Notices sent to us must be submitted by email to

Article 11 – Important Notes on Our Agreement

11.1. This Agreement and our relationship with you will be construed only in accordance with the laws of the State of the Republic of Kosovo. You irrevocably agree that the exclusive place for any action or proceeding arising out of this Agreement or our relationship with you, regardless of theory, shall be the Basic Courts of Kosovo, the Court of Appeals of Kosovo, and the Supreme Court of Kosovo. You irrevocably accept the personal jurisdiction of the aforementioned courts and thus waive any objection to the exercise of jurisdiction by the above mentioned courts.

11.2. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and us. You confirm that you have not relied on any promise or representation by us other than as set forth in this Agreement. We may amend this Agreement by posting modifications to the Platform. Unless otherwise specified by us, all modifications will be effective upon posting. Therefore, you are encouraged to check the terms of this Agreement frequently. The last update date of this Agreement is posted at the end of the Agreement. By using the Platform once the changes become effective, you agree to be bound by such changes to the Agreement. If you do not agree with the changes, you must complete logging in to the Platform and participating in its services.

11.3 Enforcement effect of this Agreement: This Agreement has probative, enforceable, and enforceable title. In other words, this Agreement is an executive title and has the legal force of an executive title in full compliance with law no. 04 / l-139 on enforcement proceedings.

11.4. The conclusion of this Agreement between the Company and the Client is realized through an approving click on the platform by the Client after completing the questionnaire. The Client approves the approval sign “√” in the form of a statement which appears on the platform, as follows: “[√]” I voluntarily accept the Terms & Conditions of use of the website and the Privacy Policy on the processing of personal data. Giving consent by clicking by the Client means a kind of virtual signing of this Agreement. All client clicks are processed and stored in the list of approving clicks on the platform based on the concept of expression of will and consent in accordance with Article 15, 18 and 19 of Law no. 04 / l-077 on liability relations. “The will to enter into a Agreement may be expressed by ordinary signs …” in accordance with Article 18, paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 19 of Law no. 04 / l-077 on the relationship of obligations, ie through this Agreement the will and the consent can be expressed with a common approval sign as follows: “[√]”. After the approval click, this Agreement enters into force and produces legal effects until its completion / termination or break.

Article 12 – Deadlines, termination and break of the Agreement

12.1. The term of the Agreement is valid for an indefinite period of time, subject to prior written warnings / notifications from the Company or the Customers.

12.2. Termination of the Agreement can be done by free agreement with prior notice from the Company or the Customers. Termination of the contract can be done by free agreement with prior notice from the Company or the Customers. With the termination of the contract, the client also disconnects from the privacy policy, as an integral part of the contract. The Client has the right to terminate the contract or withdraw if states a legitimate reason to prior notice within 10 days.

12.3. Termination of the Agreement can be realized by the Company without prior notice if the Client has committed the violations mentioned in this Agreement, for which violations compensation is required.

Article 13 – Final Provisions

13.1. This Agreement is valid because it contains all the essential elements as follows: a) Existence of expression of will of the parties in accordance with article 15, 18 and 19 of Law no. 04 / l-077 on the relationship of obligations, b) Existence of purpose and object in accordance with Article 34 of Law no. 04 / l-077 on liability relations. c) Existence of legal permissibility in accordance with article 39 of Law no. 04 / l-077 on the relations of obligations, and d) non-existence of formal defects defined in article 45, 46, 49 of Law no. 04 / l-077 on liability relations.

13.2. Amending and fulfillment of this Agreement may be drafted automatically whenever the need arises to correct, add, fulfill and delete something within this Agreement. The drafting of this type of annex Agreements is updated at the end of this agreement by notifying customers in advance. If we make changes / additions to this Agreement, we may notify you either by prominently posting a notice of such changes / additions or by sending you a notice directly.

13.3. All clauses regarding limitations of obligations and indemnities will have legal effect until the completion / termination / break of this Agreement.

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